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Experimental Letterpress with Brad Vetter

Saturday June 9 & Sunday June 10 [10-4 PM] • $225

While printing a multitude of letterpress show posters, Louisville, Kentucky based artist/printer Brad Vetter has incorporated many alternative methods into his aesthetic. Pressure printing, a non-traditional letterpress technique that uses stencils to creates unique and spontaneous images, stands out as one of his favorites. During this two-day workshop we will learn Brad’s secrets to perfecting this technique and how to incorporate it into your next letterpress print project. Working with presses, hand-set type and laser cut elements, we will create our own stencils and corresponding prints! No experience necessary.

During this two-day workshop we will:
- Marvel at Brad’s beautiful posters and process examples
- Discuss and Explore the good the bad and the ugly of “Pressure Printing”, and other fun alternative printing techniques
- Cut and Print your own pressure printed designs in the letterpress studio