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Typesetting Basics: “Excuse me!”A Display Portfolio of Unbelievable Excuses

Friday, July 11, [6–9 PM]
$75 | max 10 participants

Explore the wide selection of vintage lead typography found in the Signal-Return collection as you compose exquisite specimens of your most outrageous excuses.  “Excuses for what?” one might ask – well we need not know just yet, but as a class we will be creating a potentially useful collection for future reference. In this workshop you will learn how to properly set movable type and operate our studio’s flatbed cylinder proof presses.  Each participant of the class will leave with a full collection of all the excuses produced during the workshop.  Please come to the class with a prewritten excuse to begin our work; if you come empty-handed you better have a “good reason.” 

Instructor: Bryan Baker is an artist and teacher, and Signal-Return’s Printer-in-Residence.

Eventbrite - Typesetting Basics:  “Excuse me!” A Display Portfolio of Unbelievable Excuses.