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Wood Engraving

Saturday, APRIL 16–Sunday, APRIL 17, [10–4 PM]

This workshop will cover the basic techniques and materials of wood engraving, a relief printmaking technique. Wood engravings are usually created in a small, illustrative format that renders great detail and wonderful contrasting tones. Engraving is almost a meditative activity. Wood engraving is done on hard, end-grain wood blocks with special tools called gravers. If you have a drawing that you might like to use for an engraving, please bring it along, but that is optional. Drawing and transferring techniques will be covered in the class. All materials and tools will be provided.

Instructor: Jim Horton, from Ann Arbor, Michigan, is an instructor of art and graphic design with a particular interest in wood engraving, printing history, and antique machinery and processes that have played a key role in the history of graphic arts.

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