Open Studio

Once you have completed two workshops or a private lesson with our Printer-in-residence at Signal-Return, you are eligible for Open Studio to work on your own projects! 


  • Open Studio hours are Thursday 9 am–9 pm (late studio availability may vary, see calendar below), and Friday-Sat. 9 am–5 pm, by appointment only.

  • Schedule your Open Studio time in advance by logging into our booking platform below or calling us at 313-567-8970.

  • Open Studio includes troubleshooting with studio printers, access to rags, solvent, newsprint, type, and black ink.

  • Open Studio does not include any other ink, plates, or the paper stock with which you are printing.

  • Join our Ink Club! For a one time $30 fee or the donation of 1 full can of any of our studio inks you get unlimited access to ink on-site during Open Studio. A separate list of acceptable inks is available.

Regular fees: 

  • $10/hour prepress fee (carving, setting type)

  • $15/hour equipment rental (press time or guillotine) (three-hour minimum)

Additional fees: 

  • $20 clean-up deposit (charged only if you don’t clean up)

  • $40 galley deposit (a fee we hold for anyone leaving a galley set; charged only if you leave the tray set for more than 3 weeks)

See you in the studio!


Open Studio BOOKING

If you have booked open studio with us before, login to Skedda and book your time here:

If this is your first time booking open studio, contact for a login invitation.