Open Studio

Once you have completed two workshops or a private lesson with our Printer-in-residence at Signal-Return, you are eligible for Open Studio to work on your own projects! 


  • Open Studio hours are Thursday 9 am–9 pm (late studio availability may vary, see calendar below), and Friday-Sat. 9 am–5 pm, by appointment only.
  • Schedule your Open Studio time in advance by filling out the request form below or calling us at 313-567-8970. 
  • Open Studio includes troubleshooting with studio printers, access to rags, solvent, newsprint, type, and black ink.
  • Open Studio does not include any other ink, plates, or the paper stock with which you are printing.
  • Join our Ink Club! For a one time $30 fee or the donation of 1 full can of any of our studio inks you get unlimited access to ink on-site during Open Studio. A separate list of acceptable inks is available.

Regular fees: 

  • $10/hour prepress fee (carving, setting type)
  • $15/hour equipment rental (press time or guillotine) (three-hour minimum)

Additional fees: 

  • $20 clean-up deposit (charged only if you don’t clean up)
  • $40 galley deposit (a fee we hold for anyone leaving a galley set; charged only if you leave the tray set for more than 3 weeks)

See you in the studio!


Open Studio Request

Select the service below you'd like to book and follow the prompts to schedule your time in the studio. Be sure to choose the duration of your visit once you select a press. If you are unable to select the times you want it means either that press is booked or the studio will not be available. Please note, evening open studio slots may be billed in advance. 

Open Studio time is unable to be booked online less than 24 hours in advance. Please call or email to see if time is avalible with less than 24 hours notice.